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Multi-Ply Cutter XLc7000


The XLc7000 multi-ply GERBERcutter®

offers unmatched price-performance and exceptional reliability from the leading

supplier of automated cutting solutions.

It cuts up to 7.5 cm of compressed material – accommodating a wide variety of fabric types and material widths up to 2.0 meters.

Get the most from your apparel cutting system.

Get accurately cut parts every time.

  • The XLc7000 employs a powerful vacuum system to hold material firmly in place during the cutting process delivering cut parts that are accurate ply to ply.
  • Gerber’s Knife Intelligencefeature senses deflection of the knife caused by cutting difficult materials or high-ply spreads and changes the knife angle to compensate for this deflection. This results in more accurately cut parts and makes it possible to nest parts closer together to achieve outstanding material utilization.
  • Automatic SMARTbitecalculator analyzes each marker to determine the maximum number of pieces to be cut with a minimum number of material advances to maximize cutter throughput.
  • Long vertical knife strokes and automatic knife re-sharpening eliminate hanging threads ensuring quality cut parts from top to bottom ply.
  • Operators can easily adjust cut speed and knife speed according to the type of material being cut to maximize throughput.

Easy to use and comfortable to operate.

  • The XLc7000 GERBERcutter employs superior ergonomics in its height, size and placement of controls.
  • A material clamp bar and conveyorized table with Bristle Square cutting surface automatically conveys material from spreading table.
  • A conveyorized take-off table cleanly removes cut parts from the bristle surface for quick and easy bundling.
  • CutWorksMPC control software employs an intuitive graphical touch-screen to simplify operator training; includes a CutWizard to guide the operator through the cutting process. Continuous, real-time, graphical display of operating parameters, vacuum level and cut speed provides a comprehensive overview of the entire cutting process.
  • Easily stores cutting setup files for quick retrieval to accelerate future cut jobs.
  • Software screens and operating manuals available in Chinese, English and Spanish.
  • Fully network-compatible for easy transfer of data from CAD systems.

Realize a fast return on your investment.

  • Automated cutting requires less labor to generate more cut parts.
  • An optional, intelligent, high-efficiency variable vacuum control lowers electrical consumption and associated expenses.
  • With its low initial capital investment, low cost of ownership and superb accuracy and throughput, the XLc7000 delivers the best price-performance in its class.



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